SOL 24 March 2017

My bags are packed

both physical and mental

I’ve had my fill today.

Running on empty

never enough sleep


same ol’ same ol’

faces, excuses, annoyances galore

groans, remarks either silly or snide

Ah, something different,

fists fly.

Help comes running;

two young boys with delusions that they’re men

escorted away.

Gossip mill begin your thing.

Thumbs and dexterity plus a good signal

then the lips whisper the news.

Less than five minutes,


Finally escape for everyone looms

the weekend seconds away.

But I’ll never forget

the look on his face

as his anger screamed from his hands

clenched and crunching again and again.



4 thoughts on “SOL 24 March 2017

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  1. spring has sprung, bringing flowers and breezes…and unfortunately it seems to bring tornadic weather of many kinds. In my first week back from spring break, I’ve found myself witnessing far too many of these moments.


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