SOL 25 March 2017

My car hates me and is in collusion with the auto parts store. I also think my mechanic is getting kickbacks to stay quiet.

How else to explain going back twice to get the same thing fixed? Not once, not twice, but three bloody times!

Catalytic converter replaced. Issues persist. Testing was done. Oh, yeah, we put the wrong part on it. Come spend a couple hours to get it fixed again. No charge; it was our fault. I had nothing to do that Saturday anyway, like sleep in. It’s cool; whatever.

Fix a belt. It comes loose as I’m exiting the interstate. The steering goes all wonky. Call mechanic. Explanation given. He actually wants me to drive it home because I can still get it started. With an assertive tone of voice, I not so patiently explain how I value my life and do not wish to drive when I can barely steer. He’ll call back once he figures out what to do. Get it towed. Get chauffeured home by driver’s education kid. I know the instructor. Find out the belt was off by one little bit. No charge. Just no car for a day.

Coolant leak equals bad water pump. Replaced. Two weeks later, start to see that same little puddle again everywhere I park. No, it can’t be. It just can’t. Yep, bad water pump. Another Saturday, late to bed early to rise to get it changed again. Bring lots of material to keep my mind occupied. Oh, we replaced that belt again. It had some coolant on it. No charge. Consolation prize, yippee!

Zombies are more lively than I am at eight o’clock on a Saturday. I think I arghed at a few of the mechanics. My memory is fuzzy. I try my best to see as little of the A.M. as possible on Saturdays.

My paranoia is growing. I’m constantly checking to see if a new light pops up telling me I’ll have to go back. Is there someone watching my car right this minute? Is it tagged? Someone is watching me on a screen somewhere and I’m a little bleep on the screen. They’ll know when I’m near, push a button and there my transmission will go. I know they’re just waiting for me to get my tax refund. They want it; the mechanic, the auto place store.

Do you hear that? I think my car is laughing at me. Or is that mocking?


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  1. Argh, car issues. I can relate so well with the way you described watching to see if yet another light is going to pop on–been there, done that. No fun. I’m sure that the third time was a charm, though…right? Good luck!


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