SOL 27 March 2017

Paperwork. Is there anything worse than paperwork? Yes. Of course there is! War, famine, drought, laundry, people who like to tell you the same stories twice and you feel obligated to act interested so as not to offend, but I digress.

Some people believe in an afterlife. There’s a pleasant place and a not so pleasant place. The latter is what worries me as I have this belief that it shall be tailor made for each individual. Mine shall contain an “in” box and an “out” box. The in box will have papers piled so far into the ether I will not be able to see the top.

Diligently I shall toil through paper, after paper. An administrator with a clipboard will come by periodically checking off boxes. Sometimes this admin will leave new items that must be done immediately and the in box and its contents will have to wait. If this were a video game, I’d be in a bonus level.

A time limit shall be imposed on these new tasks. A clock that is the wall behind me shall begin the gonging of each second. The reverberations will course through my body as I attempt to beat the deadline. A shadow shall edge closer and closer as my mini game during this level comes to its close. I will fail and the derision on my admin’s face with puckered lips and gleeful eyes will mark an X on the clip board and my usual toil shall resume. But I know, this will happen again and again with no warning. It is the norm here.

Sisyphus was lucky with his rock.


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