SOL 29 March 2017

Taking the long way to anywhere, everywhere just to stay outside a little bit longer. Catching the scent of sweetness from an unknown flower in breezes that enliven the spirit and make your step just a bit lighter on the ground. Legs that were tired and feet that were sore from hours of standing and walking around on unforgiving concrete floors are rejuvenated. Pain melts away as mind over matter is proven true by leaving the cavernous building with its fluorescent lights and regurgitated, enclosed air for a spring day in full swing.

Rays of sunlight at first hurt the eyes so use to artificial light. Then the warmth begins to penetrate the skin radiating down into weary muscles like fingers massaging away the kinks and knots accrued throughout the day. That heat multiplies within to the point you are the sun and the sun is you. A pleasant give and take across the expanse that divides. Pausing by the car not wanting to enter, not just yet. Eyes closed in silent worship and thanksgiving.

Then windows down trying to bring some of that essence into the car for the ride home. A little under the speed limit so to safely look around. Enjoy this now, be this now. Trees budding, birds flitting about, clouds proudly contrasting with an azure field that tempts one’s gaze again and again. Oh, to taste that blue in every inhalation. Tendrils of purity gliding and filling the diaphragm, pause…hold…releasing doubts, releasing stress, releasing constraints.

Thoughts slowing down.

Quieting down.





3 thoughts on “SOL 29 March 2017

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  1. Ahh…this completely captures how I feel when I am outside in nature. It’s part of the reason why I hate running on the treadmill; there is something so calming about just being outside.


  2. Such a beautiful post – I actually felt myself silently retreating into your words. I have o many favorite lines, but will share this one, “Eyes closed in silent worship and thanksgiving.”


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